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February 8th, 2006 · No Comments

Written by Cecil
Buy Bromazepam Without Prescription, Jan 11, 2004 at 07:05 PM
A Night in East County Jan 10, 2004Melon Grove '04
Stuck in 85
Wifebeaters aren't a fashion statement here
more a guarantee

Zeppelin from the cover band "Pale Black" is not ironic here
Actually, nothing is ironic here
Sherri calls it "land of the lost"
but I think they've found everything they want right here
well... an IROC Z or a lifted F150 would be nice

But then I met a french guy getting his masters at UC
we discussed the morality of modernizing trade in the third world
(I'm against it)
I was wondering if he had a plan to do it in Lemon Grove
Sherri thought this was too cynical
she pointed out that Dirk's has a vending machine that cooks fresh french fries on demand for two bucks
I acknowledged my error, order Bromazepam online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Bromazepam without a prescription, having already used them to suck up some excess Jim Beam

The band played on
"Panama" by Van Halen, apparently in response to my discussion with the French regarding whether the Free Trade Act of the Americas was hegemonious or merely the inevitable result of growth, where can i find Bromazepam online. Bromazepam online cod, The band plays Green Day and announces their URL
note the disclaimer: this list is only some of the songs Pale Black plays. If this list seems fairly typical it is because the band is currently booking its first shows and does not wish to reveal some of its more unique song selections until it has performed them at certain venues
Their "Hottie of the Month" is also worth mentioning: l

(apparently, Bromazepam reviews, After Bromazepam, merely wearing the t-shirt of this cover band induces orgasm (and cameltoe)) hotty
Pale Black takes a break
A bartender seems concerned as he spies a dreadlocked minority heading for the jukebox - he urges others to hurry up and feed it some cash
It turns out that the minority is from France too (or maybe Portland)

I continue blogging on paper
As long as I write, I'm not really in this bar
Maybe that's how Burroughs could stand Kansas, comprar en línea Bromazepam, comprar Bromazepam baratos, Buy Bromazepam without prescription, or Hendrix earth

East County surprise, more minorities at the bar
I eavesdrop as they discuss a local murder, low dose Bromazepam, Bromazepam dangers, the perp known to all but the pigs
Reality isn't as fun as the HST bar scene inside, so I sneak a big suck of the 2003 Club Cecil Reserve sticky
and go back inside

Back inside, buy generic Bromazepam, Bromazepam natural, Pale Black plays Detroit Rock City, the crowd unaware that the fathers of San Diego have long conspired to deny them any chance of a UAW standard of living ()

Pale Black plays something by something called Seven Mary Three
The TV displays a commercial for "Cat Fight Girl Kitana Baker on Pay Per View" then switches to Nancy Kwan highlights on ESPN
The other TV over the bar shows "Darma and Greg" which makes me wonder whether Kerouac and Cassady ever admitted they were in a stupid place

Sherri and her (female) friend discuss whether they will ever fuck
I don't care (unless I get to watch) and then only mildly
I vaguely wonder what has happened to my libido

I listen to the cover boys play a Bowie song and contemplate the fact the David J of Bauhaus called today and said he really liked hearing Jazz and I read Wednesday in Encinitas

I scan the bar
still no sign of my rendezvous
did I mention that yet, Bromazepam blogs. Bromazepam dosage, It turns out that last week, during the course of my social research, where can i order Bromazepam without prescription, Bromazepam without a prescription, a waitress at this bar saw me writing on a napkin
she saw Sherri later that week and asked her if I wrote
Sherri said yes, apparently taking my napkin scrawling as evidence

her name is Dianne, online buying Bromazepam hcl, Order Bromazepam from mexican pharmacy, Sherri said she is from "Eastern Europe" but she isn't sure where
Those countries confuse her
I have a vague memory of a smile and some cleavage

Pale Black plays "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for the over 40 set
All of the creatures in the song-- the mulatto, the albino, cheap Bromazepam no rx, Herbal Bromazepam, and maybe the skanky cheerleaders from the video, appear to be on the dance floor for their moment
I bang my head and realize that saying something ironic now would be superfluous

Another Jim on the rocks

Sherri's friend, ordering Bromazepam online, Bromazepam over the counter, let's call her low-self-esteem-girl, starts looking better
maybe I do want to see her naked after all
.., effects of Bromazepam. About Bromazepam, a mulatto, an albino, buy Bromazepam no prescription, Purchase Bromazepam online no prescription, a mosquito, my libido....., buy Bromazepam online no prescription. Taking Bromazepam, assured I know a dirty word, I look up and see Dianne
the "Eastern European country" turns out to be Boston
Sherri is from Huntington Beach
oh well, Bromazepam canada, mexico, india, What is Bromazepam, whatever, nevermind.., rx free Bromazepam. Bromazepam from mexico, We go out to the patio to talk and because I want to smoke
I'm quitting tomorrow and need to take advantage of a bar with a smoking area
Dianne has finished a novel and it's being published
now she's pitching the screenplay

about ten years ago she was a dancer at Pacer's
she organized the dancers into a union and became a national news story, even making that bastion of hard journalism - Hard Copy

a famous labor bashing law firm came in and squashed the union
a few of my Cornell classmates worked there

Low-self-esteem girl has hooked up with a guy
he tells me he saw us rock the blue naugahyde couch at the casbah

we take off for sherri's mansion on top of the hill
low-self-esteem girl and the guy jump in the jacuzzi
on sherri's bed, Bromazepam coupon, Online Bromazepam without a prescription, I decide the low-self-esteem girl's new name is Little Debbie
because you get a lot cheap
I peak through the blinds and watch them grope in the tub

it does nothing for my libido
oh well, whatever, Bromazepam used for, nevermind

I score a ride home and fall asleep spooning with Leonard


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