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January 21st, 2007 · 4 Comments

Rivotril For Sale, It’s more like a performance-art revival than a poetry event. Music. Always music, Rivotril online cod, the DJ using beats to carry the audience from poet to poet. Rivotril photos, The host, like a beloved minister, has his room at “Hello, Rivotril results,” and when the first poet takes the stage, Rivotril recreational, there is an audience awakening. The poet grips the mic and breaks a momentary thread of silence with a question: “How are you all feeling tonight?” The audience responds in harmony: “Elevated!”

Elevated, the combination open-mic night with featured special-guest readings, is just one of the spoken-word events that have started since R, Rivotril samples. Spot Books on University Avenue closed last year. Hosted by Collective Purpose, a motley young bunch of spoken-word artists who think live performance is part and parcel of poetry, the event was born out of the necessity to unify a community of writers and poets left without a home, Rivotril For Sale. Doses Rivotril work, The collective crew came together and went looking for a space to perform.

They found what they were looking for at the Arts & Entertainment Center on University Avenue in North Park, a multipurpose community center with a gallery in front, order Rivotril online c.o.d, a performance space in back and a powerful mural coloring the outside wall facing the alley. Order Rivotril no prescription, On Thursday nights, people cram into the back of the center to see the poets perform—the crowds have become big enough for the collective to switch Elevated from a bimonthly to a weekly event.

Last month, Rivotril description, Collective Purpose celebrated Elevated’s one-year anniversary—more than 300 fans lined up to see invited guest, Buy Rivotril without prescription, Talaam Acey, a National Poetry Slam champion. Rivotril For Sale, But many in the crowd came to share in the collective’s successes as a local arts-collaborative force and community builder. So what’s the secret, Rivotril cost. How does Collective Purpose get hundreds of people to a poetry show on a Thursday night. Rivotril for sale, “We decided to pool our talents and our resources,” says Christopher Wilson, who acts as the group’s manager, buy generic Rivotril. Collective Purpose has a core crew of seven people that includes some of San Diego’s most well-known poets: Anthony Blacksher (aka Ant Black), Is Rivotril safe, Eugene Albert III (aka The Passionate Poet), Kendrick Dial (aka Conscious), Rudy Francisco, canada, mexico, india, Viet Mai, Online buying Rivotril, tai li la mumba mugambee and Wilson.

The collective is a tight-knit group, Rivotril For Sale. Their collaboration and support for one another is apparent to the Elevated crowd, and that translates into the audience’s willingness to join in and participate in the performances, where can i order Rivotril without prescription. The poet hosts are skilled at eliciting reaction; from the start of every event, Effects of Rivotril, they make it known that Elevated is not a quiet poetry reading. The audience is encouraged to jump in and engage the performers and each other, sometimes through laughter and applause, Rivotril schedule, other times through dialogue or even heated debates after the shows. Buy Rivotril without a prescription, “Usually 20 to 30 percent of the audience stays afterward to talk about what was said, how it affected them,” says Francisco, where can i buy cheapest Rivotril online. Rivotril For Sale, “We are a forum for free speech. People are going to have different opinions on what is said during course of the night.”

“And if someone has a differing opinion, Order Rivotril online overnight delivery no prescription, ” adds Wilson, “they are welcome to get up on stage during the show and respond.”

The collective uses the example of Cecil Hayduke, the host of the San Diego Poetry Slam, Rivotril class. The collective says Hayduke took a few shots at their unabashed Christianity—a common, Rivotril interactions, but not overriding, theme on the Elevated stage—during one of his visits to the event.

Collective Purpose took Hayduke’s rant in stride, about Rivotril, and the two separate events and hosts have come to share audiences. Rivotril coupon, They’ve even started working together; there’s an upcoming Elevated poetry slam in the works as a fundraiser and promotional event for creating a new San Diego national slam team. Chances are a few members of Collective Purpose will make the team if it comes to fruition, Rivotril For Sale.

While Elevated is a free-speech event, the group prefers to keep it clean, Rivotril pics. “We want to make sure it’s tasteful, Rivotril dosage, ” explains Francisco. “But it has to be over the top for us to censor.”

“It’s a matter of truly offering something to the crowd versus pulling something out of your ass,” adds Dial, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. “Shocking people without a purpose—we don’t want it.”

Wilson affirms that they don’t want to censor anybody, Real brand Rivotril online, but if things get out of hand, they will turn off the mic. Rivotril For Sale, “We had guy who did racist jokes,” he says. “We shut him down, Rivotril alternatives. Even though the mic is open, Rivotril forum, we have a duty to make sure that type of thing is not represented in our space: homophobia, racism against blacks, Latinos.”

The seven members of Collective Purpose say they are learning how to manage and grow the event as they go, my Rivotril experience. They have become their own harshest and helpful critics. Buy cheap Rivotril no rx, “We are family,” says Dial. “I’m constantly learning from everybody, Rivotril For Sale. We give honest feedback so we are able to see growth in ourselves and others.”

“Everyone is openly critical of each other, fast shipping Rivotril,” adds Viet Mai, the newest addition to the collective, “but all out of love and growth. It’s not a harmful criticism. To have that is very important, especially if we’re all trying to progress. Something that I always wanted was that collaborative spirit.”

“We stand together, united. Rivotril For Sale, It’s powerful,” agrees Blacksher, who’s featured in an upcoming KPBS documentary called Poetry Live(s) by San Diego State University professor Mark Freeman. Blacksher says the strength of Elevated is evident in the number of A-list performers willing to come from out of town and take the stage. “We’re getting talked up in D.C., New York, all around the nation.”

Elevated takes place every Thursday at the Arts & Entertainment Center, 3026 University Ave. in North Park. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. $5. or 619-260-1731. .

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  • 1 jazz // Jan 31, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Re: nepotism. Wasn’t this article written by your cohort –Michael Klam?

  • 2 cecil // Jan 31, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Shortly before his death.

  • 3 debbie kirk // Feb 8, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    hahaha, say no more. you’re a fucking slam poet. i get it. carry on man. Start a revolution. I’m gonna go write.

  • 4 Michael Franklin // Mar 16, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    Hey cecil and all of sand diego. this is michael franklin (molotov). i think of you all often and hope maybe we can stay in touch a little bit. hope to see you all at the DNC this year.

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