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Resist Much, Obey Little

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New Manifesto (with many parentheticals)

I started this site back in the day when I was very angry about a lot of things and at a lot of people. I was beginning my exploration of radical political philosophies after leaving the corporate law world and experiencing some deep personal loss. I had also become involved in the San Diego poetry/spoken word scene, living and performing under the name of my alter ego, Cecil Rasputin Hayduke. In the midst of much hijinx, most of it with Jimmy Jazz and Michael Klam as the Anarchist Think Tank, I eventually restarted the then dormant San Diego Poetry Slam (I was kind of responsible for the death of its predecessor) and became the Slam Master (host). I also became a board member at the Voz Alta Project. Both of these ventures were initially satisfying and went well for a while (like the law thing) but they eventually devolved (for me) into a mire of bad behavior and negativity (just like the law thing). Following another deep loss, another period of self-destructive behavior and fighting with almost everyone, I got into my garden and my bike, cleaned up my act and concentrated more on the politics of living, rather than external affairs. I posted about making and growing food and traveling increasingly far afield on my bike, while eventually and gradually I tried to repair some damaged relationships.  (I also apparently posted quite a few Youtube videos of bands doing covers.) So that's pretty much where this blog is now, after long periods of dormancy. If anyone ever reads this (and thanks btw, for being one of them) it will continue to be about shit I care about and serve as an archive of my transitions (to the extent that I don't edit the embarrassing shit out). Philosophies evolve (no shit?)--  Jazz has a line that says, "if a stranger offers you a blowjob, say 'yes'." I say, if a friend invites you to take a trip, say "fuck it, let's go." Stop making excuses NOT to do things or go places, get out of ruts, be careful on one-way streets, enjoy enjoyable things, keep your real friends and get rid of your baggage and your stuff (still trying both of those, with varying success). As the good doctor Thompson said, "[n]ever turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed." Those are my philosophies today. They'll be different tomorrow, and even this afternoon, but I won't feel like posting them then. They'll also probably look trite the next time I see them, (sorry in advance) but you have to put shit down on paper (you know what I mean) to get going and that's what I'm doing. This was the original statement of intent, which still applies: (even though it lacks parentheticals) is about fucking shit up because shit needs to be fucked up.  Resist Much Obey Little comes from Walt Whitman's caution to the states and it was used by Edward Abbey as the epigram for the Monkey Wrench Gang, the book that introduced the environmental movement to the delightful uses of wooden shoes (sabots).  My cohort Jimmy Jazz used the phrase about fucking shit up in a poem long before I ever did, but I co-opted it on the mic for my own use.  Steal whatever you can and use it for good.    

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  • 1 Gwagwagwe // Feb 22, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Thanks for postin’ my crazy shit. see you at the barracades

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